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European commerce, shewing new and secure channels of trade with the continent of Europe

European commerce, shewing new and secure channels of trade with the continent of Europe: detailing the produce, manufactures, and commerce, of Russia, Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany; as well as the trade of the rivers Elbe, Weser, and Ems; with a general view of the trade, navigation, produce, and manufactures, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland

Autor: Playfair, William, 1759-1823

Published 1807
Volume 2
Publisher Philadelphia : Printed and sold by J. Humphreys
Pages 344

William Playfair, nació en Escocia el 22 de septiembre de 1759 y falleció en Londres el 11 de febrero de 1823. Fue ingeniero, economista político, y su aporte usualmente más destacado es que fue el introductor de los gráficos en estadística, habiendo creado varios de los cuales, desarrollados, se utilizan actualmente.

Tuvo muchas y muy variadas actividades en su vida: constructor de molinos, ingeniero, delineante, contable, inventor, platero, mercader, corredor de bolsa, economista, estadístico, panfletero, traductor, publicista, especulador inmobiliario, banquero, editor, chantajista y periodista. Muy variados, con distinta suerte.

Paralelamente a sus tantas actividades, escribió numerosas obras, que vale la pena destacar:
1785. The Increase of Manufactures, Commerce, and Finance, with the Extension of Civil Liberty, Proposed in Regulations for the Interest of Money. London: G.J. & J. Robinson.
1786. The Commercial and Political Atlas: Representing, by Means of Stained Copper-Plate Charts, the Progress of the Commerce, Revenues, Expenditure and Debts of England during the Whole of the Eighteenth Century.
1787. Joseph and Benjamin, a Conversation Translated from a French Manuscript. London: J. Murray.
1793. Thoughts on the Present State of French Politics, and the Necessity and Policy of Diminishing France, for Her Internal Peace, and to Secure the Tranquillity of Europe. London: J. Stockdale.
1793. A general view of the actual force and resources of France, in January, M. DCC. XCIII: to which is added, a table, shewing the depreciation of assignats, arising from their increase in quantity. J. Stockdale.
1796. The History of Jacobinism, Its Crimes, Cruelties and Perfidies: Comprimising an Inquiry into the Manner of Disseminating, under the Appearance of Philosophy and Virtue, Principles which are Equally Subversive of Order, Virtue, Religion, Liberty and Happiness. Vol. I.. Philadelphia: W. Cobbett.
1796. For the Use of the Enemies of England, a Real Statement of the Finances and Resources of Great Britain
1798. Lineal arithmetic, Applied to Shew the Progress of the Commerce and Revenue of England During the Present Century. A. Paris.
1799. Stricture on the Asiatic Establishments of Great Britain, With a View to an Enquiry into the True Interests of the East India Company. Bunney & Gold.
1801. Statistical Breviary; Shewing, on a Principle Entirely New, the Resources of Every State and Kingdom in Europe. London: Wallis.
1805. An Inquiry into the Permanent Causes of the Decline and Fall of Powerful and Wealthy Nations. London: Greenland & Norris.
1805. European commerce, shewing new and secure channels of trade with the continent of Europe...
1805. Statistical Account of the United States of America by D. F. Donnant. London: J. Whiting. William Playfair, Trans.
1807. European Commerce, Shewing New and Secure Channels of Trade with the Continent of Europe. Vol. I.. Philadelphia: J. Humphreys.
1808. Inevitable Consequences of a Reform in Parliament
1809. A Fair and Candid Address to the Nobility and Baronets of the United Kingdom; Accompanied with Illustrations and Proofs of the Advantage of Hereditary Rank and Title in a Free Country
1811. British Family Antiquity: Index to the 9 Volumes of William Playfair's Family Antiquity of the British Nobility
1813. Outlines of a Plan for a New and Solid Balance of Power in Europe. J. Stockdale.
1814. Political Portraits in This New Æra, Vol. II . London: C. Chapple.
1816. Supplementary Volume to Political Portraits in This New Æra. London: C. Chapple.
1818. The History of England, from the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George II. Vol. II. R. Scholey.
1819. France as it Is, Not Lady Morgan's France, Vol. I. London: C. Chapple.
1820. France as it Is, Not Lady Morgan's France, Vol. II. London: C. Chapple.

La obra que enlazamos es una compilación de reglas jurídicas de la época, muy interesante para estudiar el origen de tantas instituciones.

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